Lifestyle Family Portraits : The story of the Voogts

Growing up, growing together


I’ve had the privilege to watch the Voogt family BECOME a family.  Not only have I been photographing them for the last five to six years, they are, in fact, family friends of mine. 

When Nix was pregnant with their first, I sadly was over 1400 km away, residing in Cape Town at the time, and I couldn’t photograph her gorgeous baby bump.


When I got the news that the little man had entered the world, I was quick to jump on a plane to meet him, and it was love at first site.  Little man was my very first newborn portrait client, my own daughter, born round about a year later, my second newborn client.


And the rest, as they say, is history.  Our kids are absolute besties and watching them grow up together is life’s sweetest reward.


Family lifestyle – this is us.


The Voogts aren’t the “fake-a-smile-strike-that-pose” type.  This is how I’ve always photographed them through the years.  Nix phoned me up (as she does) and told me the date they wanted us to come over (it’s no negotiations with the Voogts; they’re the family that makes the plan which you are kindly obliged to fall in with …lol) and casually popped into the convo “remember to bring your camera.”  This is how Nix makes bookings with me.


They wanted me to “kind of stalk” them as they celebrated and played through the day, all of them, including my own daughter.  I remembered thinking “this is us…” as I was shooting.  I love watching them all play and laugh together, like only a family could.


This is essentially what family lifestyle portraits are: capturing moments and stories as they are so you will remember exactly who, what and how you were looking back at these memories in a decade’s time. 


They are portraits which say “This is us…”

Smash that cake!


Did I forget to mention that it was little man #2 (herein after lovingly referred to as little boss man) first birthday?  Nix had a cute little monster cake ready for Little Boss Man to destroy, and naturally Little Man & Miss-chievous (my daughter…) had to join in the fun.  Boy oh boy was it fun!  Icing everywhere!


Suffice to say, after the cake Little Boss Man needed a bath, followed by a nap.  Cake eating is an extreme sport for a one year old, after all. 


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