The Stemmet Family {Family Portrait Session}

Family is love.

It was a happy accident when mommy Charlotte stumbled onto my page and made a booking. We had met before at the playgroup that our kids attend, but we never really got to know each other due to always being so preoccupied with the little ones. I am, however, elated that things worked out as it did, as I had a blast capturing these beautiful family moments for them.

The Stemmet family are the epitome of what family is.  They are kind, loving and warm and that warmth emanates from every single frame I took of them.  Little miss Chiara was a bundle of fun, literally having me rolling around on the grass like a drunken monkey to get those perfect little snaps.

We initially set up a more traditional family portrait. But soon thereafter the family pet, a pug named Lila, made sure she wasn’t left out of the festivities and promptly propped herself down next to Charlotte for the photo. Moreover, Chiara – being the busy little toddler that she is – wasn’t interested in such silly adult things as posing for a picture. Instead she decided that it was high time for the garden (and the photographer, mind you!) to be watered. With her trusty little watering can in hand you could say she made a huge splash ;). We had a good giggle at her toddler antics and what would’ve been a traditional family portrait turned into a laugh a minute and great, spontaneous fun.

I had an absolute ball photographing this stunning family, and I’m sure you’ll agree that their loving nature shines through on every photo.

Stemmet family portrait session

Stemmet family portrait session.

Stemmet family portrait session.

Stemmet family portrait session. Stemmet family portrait session. Stemmet family portrait session.

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Signed Celeste

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    Bravo, l’idГ©e brillante et est opportun

    English Translation: “Congratulations, the idea is brilliant and timely”

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