Hi there, my name is Yolandé.
Introducing Yolandé
Yolandé photographing the streets of London

You don’t know me yet, but with a little time, I think that we can grow to like each other quite a lot. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re either a photography enthusiast or someone in search of the best photographer in the bizz to capture a particular moment of your life. If this applies to you – great news! You’re exactly where you need to be. Within these digital pages you’ll soon find everything you’d wish to find in a photography blog and more. We’ll cover everything from taking excellent photographs to looking your damned finest in photographs and everything in between.

Photography, although it is our passion, isn’t the alfa and omega of our interests; we’re just as much about family and practicality as we are about delivering kick-ass images. We also love art and design and partake in all the practices of fine living. We’re really excited about showing you how all of these wonderful things relate to photography and how beautifully captured images can enhance your home, your state of mind and your life!

For now though, I am still the new kid on the block, and if you ever find yourself wondering about the face behind the keyboard, read on.

Introducing the new kid at Crescent Moon.

I was privileged to sit down with our own Celeste de Beer, the talent and creative visionary that keeps the ball rolling here at Crescent Moon. However, for the first and final time, the spotlight was on me. Eeeep! Celeste sweet-talked me into a 20 – questions type situation where I was sometimes caught off guard and made to actually use my brain. I hope you have as much fun reading our little interview as I had partaking in it. So without further ado…

Celeste: Hi Yolandé, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with me. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

Yolandé: I’m excited and nervous and tickled to be here.

Celeste: So let’s jump right into it. Tell us a bit about yourself – who is Yolandé when no one is watching?

Droopy the poodle
Doggo Droopy

Yolandé: When no one is watching? I don’t know if I’m allowed to say… this is a family photography service after all ;).

Well, I’m about as complicated as any 20 – something year old female writer… which is to say very complicated. Just kidding. I’m as easygoing as a spring breeze.

Winston the Basset baby

I’m a bit of a nerd; I love reading, writing, Netflix-ing and of course, I’m all about photography. I also love spending time in my little nest, so I’m a frantic home improver/home maker. I’m an art lover with an honours degree in art history. And, most importantly, I’m a dog mommy to a Basset hound named Winston and a (sort of) Maltese poodle named Droopy. I share the honour of taking care of my doggos with my boyfriend, Bryan.

Celeste: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yolandé: Pretty much, yeah. I used to write Harry Potter fan fiction as a little girl of about nine years, which my sister would then proofread and edit for me. We had a bit of fun working on my “novels” together (in reality, each book was about 3 pages long, with paragraphs masquerading as “chapters”).

Portrait of the couple
Yolandé & Bryan

Celeste: And how did you get interested in photography?

Yolandé: Well, as a storyteller, photographs have always appealed to me. One picture is worth a thousand words and all that… But it was only through the inspiration of my sister that I actively sought to learn how to take photographs and start telling my own stories. After a while I realised that I enjoyed writing about photography, analysing images and discussing the merits thereof more than I enjoyed actually taking the picture and I think that, without sucking up, I gravitate towards Crescent Moon for exactly that reason. Few commercial photographers have a truly unique and artful approach to photography, and I think that Crescent Moon executes that very well.

Celeste: Thanks so much for the compliment! What else keeps you busy besides writing for Crescent Moon?

Yolandé: At the moment I’m a freelance blogger, graphic designer and photographer at The Big Heart Company, a textile- inclined homeware and gifting store based in Cape Town. I also run my own blog called IntrigueHound where I write about all the many things that I find intriguing. And I’m also currently working part-time towards gaining a tertiary education in Marketing Management from Damelin.

A happy family. Yolandé, Bryan and their ever loving doggos.

Celeste: You are a very busy woman! Where do you find inspiration?

Portrait of Yolandé
The portrait of Yolandé taken by Celeste.

Yolandé: Well, it depends what I’m doing. When I’m writing, inspiration kind of just appears in my mind without me having the faintest idea where it came from. When I’m doing something that’s a bit more hands-on like dressing my nest, I look to nature. I love organic patterns and will often actually bring the outside world in with sea shell mosaics, tidal rocks and potted plants. My photographic style is also somewhat influenced by nature, I think. I love shots with natural lighting and alongside natural elements. And I love that sun kissed look in photo’s like this one that you took of me a few days ago.

Celeste: If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

Yolandé: A Photographer!


Until next time

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