Authentic photography for your authentic brand



The short answer: YOU.  A personal brand is the image you put forth into the world to tell people who you are and what you do.  It is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about you and your business.




Personal brand photography is the practice of taking photographs specifically for the use of creating and building brand awareness by being more visible in a more aesthetically pleasing way all while clearly communicating your brand story authentically.


How can Personal Branding help grow your brand?



The key to gaining a following is to keep your social media posts succinct and fluid as well as keeping your posting consistent.  If you plan on posting three times a week, then keep posting at least three times a week.


We live in an age where people get bored and distracted fast, it is therefor important to not only update all your social media platforms, but also keep your website up to date and fresh.




What you share and put into the world needs to be of value to your audience.


Likewise, the images you share with your audience need to be eye catching and quickly and effectively communicate your message.


High quality, authentic images will lead to your audience actually WANTING to read your copy and support your brand.


But who has the time, right?



Because, having your images captured by a professional photographer will save you TIME, EFFORT and MONEY.


I know and understand that YOUR TIME as a busy business owner is precious and very little.

That is why I have been working hand-in-hand with branding experts and busy entrepreneurs just like you, to streamline a workflow which produces the right images you need to grow your online presence, without the need for you to sacrifice so much of your time.


Who has the time to plan out, fully style and capture 5 to 7 images per week?


Who has the time to crop and resize 30+ images each month to fit all the different formats for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads, print media, and your website?


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What our clients have to say

Charlotte Stemmet

Client since 2016

Charlotte says:

I had an incredibly enjoyable shoot and received very unique and creative photos.

Dalene Minnaar

Client since 2017

Dalene says:

Celeste is so natural and creative, her personality makes one completely at ease which contributes to the 'natural' way the photos end up. So much fun, such good results thank you so much!!

Yolandé Alberts

Client since 2014

Yolandé says:

"Fantastic! Celeste created something truly unique and special for me. She pays meticulous attention to the needs and personalities of her clients and the result is such an amazing overall experience. Thank you!"

Marinda Swart

Client since 2019

Marinda says:

"I will refer Crescent Moon in a heartbeat! Your photos are just beautiful and your flair for the unusual is enchanting. The time went by quickly and seamlessly. Simply delightful, happy, comfortable, beautiful captured moments"

How can I, a Personal Brand Photographer help you?

I will capture visually appealing, print quality images of you, your brand, your business and your products which clearly communicate your story.


Your personal branding photo experience with Crescent Moon includes:

Pre-Shoot Consult

Social Media Post Guide

Wardrobe & Styling Guidance

Pose Coaching

Same day Image Selection

Print & Social Media Ready Images

Unlimited Commercial Use License

What photos do you need?

Headshots and Portraits

You need a new corporate and/or LinkedIn headshot, or just some new portraits for your social media accounts or website.

Headshots and Portraits

4200 / session
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • One hour photoshoot
  • Professional Make-up
  • Skin retouching
  • 10 Hi-Res digital images

Personal Brand Stories

Your business and/or brand needs an image overhaul. Invest in your brand and upgrade your outdated cell phone selfies to beautifully captured, high quality images which authentically tell the story of you and your brand. We'll work closely together to ensure you get the right images to match your content. After our pre-shoot consult we will be fully prepared to capture all your images within one day!

One Story

4500 / session
  • 1 month of 5 posts per week image bank
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • Up to 2 hours shoot session
  • 20 images
  • Basic retouching / colour grading
  • Images cropped and web ready to post for all your selected platforms

Three Story

10500 / session
  • 3 months of 5 posts per week image bank
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • Up to 8 hours shoot session
  • 60 images
  • Basic retouching / colour grading
  • Images cropped and web ready to post for all your selected platforms

Photographer on Call

You need a constant stream of images. Be it images to promote your brand and create brand awareness, or images of your products for your online store. You will have access to your very own professional photographer once a month all year round!

  • Personal Branding Session
  • OR Product Photography
  • OR One Event Photographed
  • One Story Session
  • thus 1 month of 5 posts per week image bank
  • Pre-shoot Consultation
  • Up to 2 hours shoot
  • 20 images
  • Basic retouching and colour grading
  • All images cropped and web ready to post for all your selected platforms



Get up to 10 product images professionally photographed in accordance to your specifications.

Is your business hosting an event which you want photographed?  You can choose to utilise your Photographer on Call to capture your event!

Up to 2 hours photographing your event

20 images of your choice from your event

Basic editing and colour grading of your images.

3500 / month

Sample Gallery

Let’s get you booked for a consultation!