Maternity Session: from outdoor to boudoir {Maman Maternity shoot}

When thinking of a maternity portraits we tend to conjure up images of beautiful pregnant bellies, in gorgeous flowing gowns, set on a picturesque, outdoor location, usually a park of some sorts. There’s nothing wrong with this image, it’s a very big trend at this moment of time, but there are other options too. You don’t always need to follow the trend. What’s more, life happens and we can’t always get those sunny, happy, I’m-8-months-pregnant-and-still-feeling-incredible photos. What if it rains?

This was exactly what happened during Chanel’s maternity portraits session day. We rescheduled 3 times due to the rain coming down in buckets, and with Chanel’s due date quickly on the approach, we really didn’t have many more options to reschedule.

Chanel Maman Maternity Portrait
Beautiful belly bumps make my heart happy.

Oh, just give us a break already!

The big day arrived, and Chanel was all too ready for her close-up, having a seat in the makeup chair while Monique (Makeup by Monique) polished Chanel’s look.  As Monique applied the final touches, low-and-behold, it started to rain. Again. Much to our surprise too as the weather forecast indicated only sunshine and roses, but no rain.  So, what did we do?

I am a woman whom tends to over-prepare for pretty much everything (much to my husband’s annoyance…).  Something early that morning, told me to get the studio ready, just in case. More because I was planning on twisting Chanel’s arm into posing for a studio maternity portrait set which I’ve been aching to try for a while.  Chanel agreed to take our allocated outdoor shoot time and to strike her poses for me in the studio, much to my joy!  Not only did I (finally) get to bring my studio vision to life, but we got some beautiful images of Chanel and her loving hubs, Eli.

Maman Maternity Portraits
Chanel & Eli in studio

As we wrapped the studio session the rain let up.  We made a mad dash for the outside world, deciding to swop the park venue with my own suburban streets.  We couldn’t be more pleased!  The freshly-rained streets where given a beautiful warm glow as the suns rays peeked through the clouds and trees.  There still was a teeny drip of water falling from the trees, so we got to use an umbrella as a prop.  Who knew something so sporadic would turn out so very well in our favour?


Maman Maternity Portraits
Suburban maternity sessions are a beautiful alternative to outdoor in nature maternity photos.


Oh-la-la-la. Time for boudoir

We wrapped our outdoor shoot, Chanel changed wardrobe, and we headed back inside for Chanel’s maternity boudoir session, just as the rain started dripping down once more.  Chanel looked like a Goddess, Eileithyia-like even, and together with her hubs they rocked their maternity-couples boudoir session, proving that passion and romance is still very much alive and well in their marriage.

Maman Maternity Portraits
Sexy and sensual. Having a bump only makes you more gorgeous. Especially to your spouse.

Moral of the story

Sessions don’t always go the way we plan.  Unfortunately there are many factors way out of our control, but if we are flexible and willing to go-with-the-flow and work with what we have, we would always be surprised by how much better the unplanned could be, even surpassing our original vision.


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