Why hire a pro photographer?

“Hire me to capture your special moments”

This tag line has been used by photographers pretty much since photography itself came into existence to sell their service to you; “Hire me to capture your special moments”, and for years this did ring true.  But, with the ever-developing digital landscape, capturing these special occasions have become as simple as reaching into your own pocket.

You see, in the days of film and even during those first strides made in the direction of digital, it was incredibly expensive to own your own , decent quality camera. Not only that, when you finally committed to making the initial investmentDigital age is Amazing - animated gif, you really needed to spend a lot of time, and sometimes money, to know your stuff to be able to produce good quality photos.

But now a days anyone who owns a smartphone has a decent camera right at their fingertips. Additionally, digital SLR’s have become much more affordable and, the quality of even the most basic, entry level DSLR is amazing. To top it off, with the plethora of YouTube tutorials readily available, you can easily obtain a basic understanding of how to work with your new equipment.


The point that I’m trying to make here is that, you probably don’t strictly need a photographer; you can capture your special moments yourself by just reaching into your pocket. And let’s face it, most of the truly special moments within a family, the moments that have you smiling years later, aren’t scripted. They’re those in-between moments that occur on lazy Sundays, or while getting the kids ready for bed; the moments when your photographer isn’t by your side.

So, why hire a professional photographer?

I wish I could give you a long list of answers, because that would make it easier to sell my own services to you, but the fact is that there are really only two real reasons to book with a professional photographer.

It’s an experience, Darling!

A proper professional photographer is selling you an experience. Your photographer will ask you some questions during your consult to get to know you a little. These questions will give her/him insight into what you and your family love doing together and what makes you special.  Using that information, your photographer will create a fun filled hour/s or day to capture your family at their best, doing their favourite things TOGETHER. This will also establish what you’re comfortable with and what puts you at ease.

Family captured during their outdoor, picnic, play and read experience.
The Stemmet family doing what they love best; reading a book, and playing dress up outside in the sunshine.

The point of this exercise is to plan a session that not only delivers those perfect profile pics, but that grants the photographer a peek into those unscripted moments that make you, you. There is nothing quite as great as seeing your family (quite literally) through the lens of someone else. A good photographer is like a mirror that reflects the things that we cherish most. These things are then captured and solidified to be enjoyed for years to come, even long after your kids have kids of their own, so that those special in between moments are what are captured; the true special moments and bonds between you and your loved ones. In short, you are buying an experience.

Be Present.

Every family has it’s resident moment-capturer. For my family, that is me. It sometimes sucks a little, because I am never in any of our sweet, special family photos, and even worse, I often miss out on those sweet special moments. I’m always the outsider looking in. My daughter will most likely one day be looking through our millions of family photos and have a very clear vision of what the bond between her and her dad was like, but sadly, she won’t really get the same insight about her mom.  The slideshow below are a collection of smartphone photos I’ve taken during the years and I think it truthfully illustrates this point of being an outsider to special memories.

Booking with a professional photographer gives you a chance to take part in the fun and be represented in the storybook that’s being written about your family. And again, if you’ve booked with a good photographer, the session itself will be a memorable, fun filled experience that you would want to have documented.

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I know I said that there are really only two reasons to involve a pro in your moment-capturing, but here’s a third reason that I didn’t mention because it kind of relates to the first. Also, who doesn’t like bonuses?

A good photographer will capture the special qualities of your family, but she/he will also do it in a skilfully artful way. Investing in a photographer will not only buy you a great outing, everlasting memories and a new Facebook-look, but good photographs make excellent house décor. If you haven’t already, why not have a look at our blog entry about decorating with photographs  to glean some inspiration?

If this post has you thinking about hiring a pro, I highly recommend having a look at my portfolio. If you like my style, I’d love to help you create beautiful memories with the ones you cherish most.

Booking with a professional photographer gives you an experience to share with your loved ones. It allows you to be present, to live in those moments in stead of just being on the side lines looking in.

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