family portraits booking form

family portraits bookings  
  Thank you for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous family. Please complete the family portrait booking request in full.  One of our team members will respond to your request within no more than 48 hours.
Things to note for a family portrait session:
  1. Choose the time of day which is best for YOUR family, especially when you have little kids.  Pick a time when you and your kids feel the most energised.  If your kids still have naps, make sure that you schedule your time slot well before or about an hour after their nap.  Remember, sleepy littles make for cranky littles which does not bode well for your photoshoot.
  2. Start thinking about the things which your family love to do together, be it a hobby, or any activity you like to do as a family, for example, picnics.  We will incorporate this into your shoot – a Crescent Moon family shoot isn’t just a “smile and say cheese to the weird auntie, kids” day, it is a fun filled, family experience!
  3. When thinking of your wardrobe, remember the key is colour co-ordinating, not full on outfit matching!
  We will be discussing these topics (along with a couple other) during your pre-shoot consultation.  The consultation is of the utmost importance to establish a vision for your shoot which will beautifully be displayed in your home a reflection of who each of you are.  
  • Pick a time most suitable for your family when kids are well rested.
  • Example: In the Rivonia area
  • Example: Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden