Family Portraits : The story of the Caruanas


School drop off has become a somewhat normal place for me to meet new people.   That’s exactly how I met Matt, daddy to my daughter’s school bestie, Riley, and husband to a woman I have grown a very deep respect and admiration for.  

At first Matt and I would just casually greet each other during school drop-off, and before we knew it, we would spend a couple of minutes chatting about the little stories and tall tales our daughters would tell us after each school day.

I’ve always found Matt to be a very warm and pleasant man, but after meeting Steph, I knew this would be a family with whom we would become friends with, and stay befriended to for many more years to come.  And so, from the friendship of two two year olds the buds of family friendship began to blossom.



As with most pre-schools, our little one’s school was hosting a fundraiser by means of a raffle and requested for parents to donate prizes for said raffle. I love being involved with my daughter’s school, almost as much as I love helping people when and where I can.  I thus donated a Family Portrait session to the cause, which our dearest Caruana family had won.




Speaking to Matt and Steph before the session (as I usually do with all my clients) I got the sense from them that they wanted something more simplistic / minimalistic for their shoot.  Knowing that I would have to find a way to get and keep little Riley engaged, especially since the shoot was scheduled for a studio session (be warned; most littles get super bored during studio shoots), I had to start thinking of fun things to add to the set without the things ruining the minimalist set the Caruanas wanted.

Enter, balloons.  Lots and LOTS of balloons. At the same colour as the backdrop as this will add texture to the minimalist feel.


Riley LOVED all the balloons.




I think the biggest thing to take away from this story is, when you book your family portrait session you shouldn’t just think about the cute photos you’ve seen on Pinterest.  You should also keep in mind who you are, what your family is into.  By communicating these things to your photographer will lead to an excellent and fun family outing which results in photos which tell your story.

What will your next set of family photos look like?


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