a New Beginning

Welcome to Crescent Moon Stills and my brand spanking sparkly (okay, only sometimes sparkly) new website.

I used to trade as “Celeste de Beer Photography”, but so many new and wonderful adventures entered my life that it only seemed fitting to restart my photography career with a new name.

The Crescent moon is a very significant and inspiring symbol to me. It all started when I turned * clears throat and hushingly admits * the BIG three oh (as in oh my God I can’t believe I’m freagin’ 30!). My baby sister, well, my only sister who just so happens to be a LOT younger than me gifted me a beautiful little necklace with a crescent moon pendant, with a card that read “Just like the crescent moon signifies the beginning of a new lunar cycle, so does this new milestone signify the beginning of the rest of your life…”.

At the time my husband got the opportunity to locate to the Mother City, Cape Town, for 6 months to lend a helping hand with the company branch over there, so I assumed this was the milestone my sister’s thoughtful gift was referring to. Little did I know how much our lives would change…

Our 6-months stay was extended to 7, and we loved every single day of it. We felt like we rediscovered our adult selves amidst the very laid-back lifestyle that Cape Town tends to inspire, and artistically I grew so much thanks to the gorgeous landscapes the mother city and her surrounds had to offer. But alas, all good things must come to an end and we came back home to the always hustling and bustling Johannesburg.

Fast-forward another 3 months and the biggest surprise EVER made itself known to us. After 4 year of trying (and eventually losing hope that it could even happen) I fell pregnant. Yes! We where finally going to have a baby of our own, and the day she was born was hands down the most wonderful day in all of our combined years on this earth.

Now our little baby girl no longer is a baby but a blossoming and incredibly busy little toddler who isn’t so very dependent on her mommy anymore. I am thus finally finding myself able to get back to what I love doing: my art, photography.

So, after sharing with you this (much longer than anticipated) post about my business beginnings, I hope that you will allow me to share and capture a couple of your special beginnings; your Crescent Moon moments.

Here’s to a prosperous new adventure in 2017.

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  1. Michelle

    Wishing you all the luck in the world Celeste, may your cresent moon always shine brightly. I’ve seen a whole bunch of your photos and you’re very talented. Keep doing what you do with authentic passion and you’ll just rise higher and higher.

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