I loved photographing Zonray.  She’s a natural, photogenic beauty who instills the conjuring of fairy tale-like images. For her teen portrait studio shoot session I opted for a darker toned, grungy look inspired by her choice in dress.

Teen Portrait Studio Shoot Session

enter the red queen.

For her first set I went with a black and grey checkered, grunge backdrop since she reminded me of a young “Red Queen” (referring to Alice in Wonderland).  Paired with her gorgeous gown and doll like face, I’m of the opinion that it all came together beautifully.

Teen Portrait Studio Shoot Session

pretty as a princess

For her second set I wanted the focus to be on her youthful beauty. I thus set the tone making use of a soft, hazy effect which paired great with her lovely dress and soft skin.

Teen Portrait Studio Shoot Session

mad as a hatter for monochrome!

I am a huge sucker for monochrome (black and white) photos, especially on young people, so I simply had to get one of Zonray.  Her silky blond hair in contrast to the pure black background and the dark tones from her dress frames her pretty face perfectly in this very elegant portrait of a young lady.

Teen Portrait Studio Shoot Session

The teen years of a girl is very trying. It can take a toll on a young woman’s self esteem, so I absolutely love doing these teen shoot session. Especially for girls. I feel it raises a girl up just a bit when she sees what the rest of us see; a Beautiful young woman filled with potential.

Tamsin Swart’s teen portrait studio shoot session started this entire journey in teen shoots, and what they bring to my clients (aka, the young ladies).  I sincerely hope that the end results of these shoots will bring a bit more confidence to these girls.

Do you have a teen girl or boy who needs to be reminded how great and beautiful they are?  Contact me to have a chat about how a teen portrait studio shoot session might help them.

As always, feel free to let me know what you think of Zonray’s photos, and your thoughts on using portrait photography as a means to instill confidence in teens.

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Much love


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