Why hire a pro photographer?

“Hire me to capture your special moments” This tag line has been used by photographers pretty much since photography itself came into existence to sell their service to you; “Hire me to capture your special moments”, and for years this did ring true.  But, with the ever-developing digital landscape, capturing these special occasions have become Read more about Why hire a pro photographer?[…]

Newborn photography reminds us that babies are people too.

The inner life of newborns “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” I’ll admit, I always thought that when Winnie the Pooh spoke these words, he had pizza on the brain. I mean growing up, that was definitely what occupied the most space in my heart. But now that I’m Read more about Newborn photography reminds us that babies are people too.[…]

10+ Uniquely chic ideas for decorating with photographs

The right way to decorate with photographs. I love decorating my home with photographs. Nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by the people, places and things that I love. And thanks to the modern marvel that is the camera, I never really have to part with them. That being said, family pictures -if used Read more about 10+ Uniquely chic ideas for decorating with photographs[…]

The Stemmet Family {Family Portrait Session}

Family is love. It was a happy accident when mommy Charlotte stumbled onto my page and made a booking. We had met before at the playgroup that our kids attend, but we never really got to know each other due to always being so preoccupied with the little ones. I am, however, elated that things Read more about The Stemmet Family {Family Portrait Session}[…]

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