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Maternity Portraits Section

Is there anything more beautiful than a baby bump?  Nope.  Not much.  Maybe only the little baby to pop out of that gorgeous bump in the near future…

Crescent Moon LOVES family, and the family starts with mommy-to-be’s pretty, round belly.  Why wouldn’t you want to capture this incredible milestone of your life? What’s more, Crescent Moon has multiple options to choose from; Our three most popular packages are listed below, but we also offer an a-la-carte option from which you can custom build your own package according to your wants, needs and budget.

Maternity Packages

When should you book your Maternity session for?

You should schedule your Maternity shoot for when you are between 28 to 34 weeks pregnant, depending on how soon your belly starts to show.  You do want a nice round belly, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable yet either.  Also do note, don’t wait until the very last minute to make your booking as these bookings do tend to fill fast.  Request to make your booking at least a month in advance.  You can always reschedule your shoot if your belly hasn’t popped yet.

  • Theron Maternity Portraits


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Newborn Portraits

It’s hard to believe how incredibly little we humans start out.  Being a new Mommy and Daddy to a little human is incredibly hard, but this fleeting moment in time is well worth it.  It swells your heart with so much more love than you ever thought was possible.

Come enjoy a little down time (yes!  your photographer is an excellent baby sitter!).  You have a choice in either having baby’s newborn session in the comfort of your own home, or in the Crescent Moon studio.  Crescent Moon can build your very own, custom package to suit your needs and pocket with our a-la-carte menu option.  We also have three, already compiled package options based on what our past clients favoured.

Newborn Packages

Additional Info

The best time to photograph your newborn is between 6-14 days. Special arrangements are made if baby needed to stay in hospital for longer, if baby decided to enjoy womb-service a little longer, or if baby enters the world sooner than anticipated.  Because the nature of birth is so unpredictable (my girl decided to arrive 10 days earlier than expected), you will need to make your booking for baby’s due date.  The day after baby is born you contact Crescent Moon to finalise a date and time for little one’s newborn session.

All props, wraps and blankets are washed after each session with hypoallergenic, gentle on baby’s skin detergents, assuring you, dear Mommy and Daddy, that only the best care is given in sterilisation and keeping baby safe and healthy.

Siblings and family images are also taken during this session.

  • Aurora Newborn Portraits


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Watch me Grow offer

Contact us for full details on this one of a kind offer.


is an exclusive package by Crescent Moon.

This package allows you to see the physical growth changes your baby goes through on a month by month basis.  Think of it as the modern twist on the good ‘ol baby books from back in the day.

The package starts off when baby turns 1 month old.  You will be scheduled for a one-photo shoot each month in the same setup up until baby turns one.  To finish off the year a 13th shoot is scheduled; the super fun Smash Cake!

The package includes:

  • Full studio setup, including props each month,
  • One high resolution digital copy per month,
  • One full Smash Cake studio setup at the 13th shoot,
  • Smash Cake includes a cake,
  • From the Smash Cake shoot you will receive 20 high resolution digital copies of your choice,
    • to be selected during your personal review session
  • A 100×100 photobook displaying your baby’s 1st year growth photos.





Cake Smash Packages

If you’re looking at this, you’ve almost made it to the one year mark.  Congratulations Mommy and Daddy!  Yes!  You made it!  You survived! And what better way to celebrate than with a yummy cake smeared all over your little one’s squishy face?

Every Cake Smash session includes a beautiful set of your choice in theme and/or colour scheme, a cake, and a milk bath for your little one to splash in whilst washing off the sticky mess the Cake Smash will no doubt have created.  One thing’s for sure;  all the little tots love a fun filled Cake Smash Session!

Crescent Moon has three Smash Cake package options for you to choose from:

Cake Smash Packages

Additional Info:

All cake smash bookings must be finalised one month prior to the shoot date.  The shoot does not have to be on your little one’s birthday; the shoot can be scheduled for a week or two prior or after your little one’s 1st birthday.

Make sure to let your photographer know of any allergies your baby has.  Our cakes generally contain eggs, milk and flour, but may also contain nuts, strawberries, etc, depending on the theme of the shoot.  If your baby has ANY food allergies it is of utmost importance to notify your photographer of said allergies so that alternative arrangements can be made.

You are also free to supply your own cake.

The milk bath contains milk and honey, which is great for baby’s soft and delicate skin.  If you have any aversions to your baby having a milk bath, we can substitute this with a regular, splashing-good-time bath.

  • Aurora's Cake Smash

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Crescent Moon loves family.  We love watching families grow together. We love watching families interact with each other.  We love witnessing the beautiful bond and never-ending love between a parent and a child, and how siblings work together to completely exhaust mommy and daddy.

Crescent Moon has 3 family portrait packages which have proven to be a favourite with our clients, but we also have a fully customisable option available in the form of our a-la-cart price list which allows you to build a custom package to suit your preferences, needs and pocket.

Family Portrait Packages

Additional Info:

Crescent Moon doesn’t simply take you out for an hour and start snapping away.  Before your session we schedule an e-consult where your photographer will get to know you, find out what hobbies or activities your family loves doing together, and with this knowledge plan a fun filled outing for your family.  You can also choose if you would like an outdoor session or a lifestyle session in the comfort of you home.

Crescent Moon wants to capture your family as they are.  We want you to look back at your photos and remember not only the day those photos where taken, but also the dynamics and bond between each family member.

  • Chiara Stemmet Toddler Portrait

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