Howling at the moon

Tamsin Swart Sneak Peek


Tamsin swart – from girl to a woman All women know how difficult that transition period from pre-teen to young woman can be.  Our hormones are all over the place, we still want to do everything “little girls” do yet feel pressured to start acting and looking like a young woman, for most the hormones Read more about TEEN PORTRAIT STUDIO SHOOT[…]


HOW TO COLOR IN A BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO. Adding color to a black and white photo is incredibly easy but also fun.  I recently uploaded a video to YouTube where I demonstrated exactly how easy and fast it is to accomplish. You can add color to any black and white image but I must warn Read more about PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL[…]


LUCKY & TIMELLE Lucky & Timelle came to the studio for a Sensual Couples Glamour Portrait Photoshoot.  I had a couple of ideas I wanted to try out and from the get go they were ready and geared up for what may have easily become an awkward session. For the first scene, I had them Read more about COUPLES SENSUAL GLAMOUR SESSION[…]

The Stemmet Family {Family Portrait Session}

Family is love. It was a happy accident when mommy Charlotte stumbled onto my page and made a booking. We had met before at the playgroup that our kids attend, but we never really got to know each other due to always being so preoccupied with the little ones. I am, however, elated that things Read more about The Stemmet Family {Family Portrait Session}[…]

Girl in Red

A Photoshop manipulation tutorial. I recently created a composite piece titled RED which has received a lot of attention, so I decided to impart this knowledge onto you. As far as Photoshop manipulations go, this one is fairly easy to accomplish, so even if you are a novice at Photoshop you should be able to Read more about Girl in Red[…]